James Bradberry Architects





Our firm’s current work includes a diverse mix of new construction, renovation, and restoration.
Below are a few projects we are working on:


Gladwyne Montessori School


Recent property acquisitions prompted GMS to create a new campus plan detailing growth opportunities. We worked with the school to evaluate their needs and develop a phased master plan. The goal of phase one, which we are presently working on, is two fold. We are designing a new 13,000 square foot building to house GMS's after care program, art room, maker space, and large multipurpose room, at the same time we are expanding and reorganizing the campus parking lot to reduce pickup and dropoff congestion. Later phases include creation of a large permaculture garden to serve as a living outdoor learning environment and expanded middleschool classroom facilities.


Princeton University

JBA recently completed a schematic design to renovate 13,500 sq ft of the ground level of Jadwin Gymnasium. The two principle goals of the renovation are reorganizing the lobby to showcase awards and to improve ticketing and concessions efficiency. Adaptable spaces for informal meeting and a deployable merchandising system accommodate multiple use scenarios including game day and large social gatherings. Acoustical “ribbons” extending from the arena stairs out to the face of the mezzanine level and turn vertically up to the ceiling, creating largescale graphics visible through the exterior curtain wall and shrouding new conference rooms.

Itty Bitty Hartford,
Hartford, CT Public Library

Itty Bitty Hatford is a 3,000 SF play-and-learn destination for young children located within Hartford Public Library’s central branch. The space supports children’s early learning and growth and is conceived as a distilled and stylized miniature Hartford, drawing from the cultural diversity and historic architecture of the city. Open ended and non-linear, there is no “right way” to play and explore. We used large existing light monitors that interrupt the 9’ ceiling heights to create loft space and differentiate venue façade scale. Visitors can read a story in Mark Twain’s library, visit a corner store to sort and weigh groceries, or draw a portrait in the museum.

Schooner Cove
Harford County, MD Public Library

Schooner Cove is a 1,000 SF alcove in the children’s department of the new Havre de Grace Library. Multi-level set pieces that children can play on top of, inside, and underneath offer a dense learning environment within a limited footprint. Schooner Cove is designed to be low-tech, filled with robust, manually operated activities using magnets, pulleys, hand cranks, gears, and spyglasses. Venues are inspired by the Chesapeake Bay and include a Schooner with tiered seating emerging from its hull for story time, a Hydro-Electric Dam with a kid-built shad ladder, an ecological Ranger Station, and Shipping Port where children fill ships with a hand cranked 5’ crane.